6.10.13 Passion City Church (Atlanta, Georgia) Listen here

6.21.13 Winshape Camp for Girls (Rome, Georgia)

3.14.14 Pur[shoe]ing Joy (Antigua, Guatemala)

10.8.15 Eagles Landing Christian Academy (McDonough, Georgia)

3.13.16 Passion City Church (Atlanta, Georgia)

10.12.16 Eagles Landing Christian Academy (McDonough, Georgia)

11.14.16 United Love Baptist Church women’s conference (Midland, North Carolina)

11.19.16 The 61 Exchange (Melbourne, Florida)

5.7.17 Passion City Church (Atlanta, Georgia)

5.24.17-7.29.17 Winshape Camp for Girls (Rome, Georiga) — served as the camp pastor for the middle school and high school-aged girls

9.23.17 The Gathering (Mcdonough, Georgia)

10.15.17 Passion City Church (Atlanta, Georgia)

10.20.17- Eagles Landing Christan Academy (Mcdonough, Georiga)

11.6.17- The Gathering (Mcdonough, Georiga)

11.9.17- Delight GCSU (Milledgeville, Georiga)

12.1.17 Alexander Highschool FCA (Douglasville, Georiga)

1.12.18-1.14.18 Vista Community Church (Orlando, Flordia)


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