One Day

One day…

One day, we will get it right.

We will wake up from the false reality we are living in to realize that life is simpler than we thought.

One day, we will realize that who we are supposed to be is no one other than who we really are. This world needs you, nothing more and nothing less. Not the you that feels the need to hide behind the trends of this world, never daring to dance free to the song you want to be the soundtrack of your life.

One day, we will realize that the songs on the radio don’t have to be our tune. You can create your own beat. You can make your own song. You are not becoming who you are supposed to be, you are already that. You are you. Now, you get to become the best version of that.

One day, we will realize that though we might be in different places. Though we might have different color skin. Though we might be good at different things, we have the same to-do list every single day – be a messenger. “And how can anyone preach unless they are sent? As it is written: “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” Romans 10:15

One day, we will stop using our church lingo to hide the reality that we too have much to learn and much to work on.

One day, we will realize that we are not stewarding our influence well if we long to sound good only so that we look good.

One day, we will allow ourselves to look messy in the eyes of the another. When we do that we are articulating the gospel better than we ever have because the gospel says when I was at my worst, God choose me. The gospel says the tomb is empty, come and see. But you see, it’s not a one-time invitation. It’s a “come whenever you need to.” The people you are longing to know Jesus need to know more than the fact there is an invite. They need to know that it’s an open door policy. They need to know that they have permission to go revisit the place where He once lay to be reminded that He is in fact who He says He is and does do what He says He will do. Because belief ministers, but so does unbelief. We are robbing ourselves, those around us, and the Kingdom when we deny to accept that – yes, even we have our moments of struggle. The faithful church goer, the worship leader, the writer, the “I got saved when I was 4,” and so on… We have all had our moments when we needed our belief to be built back up. We need to talk about those moments.

One day, we will get it right.

Today can be that day.

I want today to be that day.

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